Video Intemporel

I am pleased to announce that among 17400 albums in list for the Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2017, five of my albums have been nominated.

These are the following albums. Code Temporal, in the Soundtrack Album category. Neptune - Zaâ - Aria, and my opera Zoé (instrumental version)
in the Experimental Album category. Un Endroit, in the Solo Instrumental category and Zaâ Orchestra in the Contemporary Classical category.

Also, eleven of my compositions stand out among more than 240,000 compositions in the following categories.

Instrumental Song Nominees
Alice – Réveil de soie from my album Résonance Intérieure.
My composition came first in this category.You can listen to it at the following Spotify link.
Alice – Réveil de soie

Experimental Song Nominees

Borr and La Transe from my opera Zoé (instrumental version).
Relief 2 from my album Cordes Animées.
Neptune - Afrika from my album Neptune - Zaâ - Aria.

Solo Instrumental Song Nominees
Un endroit pour clarinette, Un endroit pour contrebasse II and Un endroit pour cor from my album Un Endroit.

Soundtrack Song Nominees
Fear of desire Pt. 1, Fear of desire Pt. 7 and Fear of desire Pt. 9 from my album Code Temporel.